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Tile Trends for 2022

Tile Trends for 2022

If 2022 is the year you have decided to freshen up the look of your interior design, there are plenty of ways to renovate your place. One of the most popular ways to start a residential remodel is to add or redesign tiling. Fitting tile into your home takes skill and an eye for detail. It can either make a room or destroy the look completely!

Tile is especially popular in kitchen and bathroom remodels. Unlike two-dimensional wall paint, tile brings both texture and color into a room. Tile also has a way of making certain colors look more vibrant, such as navy blue or yellows that would otherwise seem faded or dull in paint form. If your style is funky and colorful, tiles add a real statement not just a splash of color. They can add character to your home remodel.

There is no shortage of tile trends for home renovations in 2022 including vibrant colors, patterns and unique tile placement. There are two big ideas for tile to keep an eye on in 2022 to incorporate in your home interior design project— 1) a matching tile finish where the color, shape, and texture reflects the room, and 2) mixed and matched tile.

Many interior designers in 2022 are seeing vibrant wallpapers with matching wall colors and (you guessed it!) tile. The concept of a wallpaper accent wall is familiar to a living room, dining room, or bedroom. A bathroom accent wall, however, is a different story as it is usually done with tile. A beautiful tile design requires a specialist and makes it a more costly job than just a wall of white subway tiles. It also requires someone with an eye for aesthetic, like an interior designer who frequently works closely with residential remodeling teams.

The requirements for planning an effective bathroom accent wall might be the reason why we don’t see more of these outside of luxury residential renovations! Wallpaper and tiles are interchangeable in this trend, but it does depend on the type of room that is being remodeled. The floor to ceiling tile accent walls works best for bathroom remodels.

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Notice in the residential remodel project above that the same tile is used for the floor and the walls, creating a smooth continuity of white marble-look porcelain tile.

Below we have another tile accent wall concept featuring a more vibrant color and mixed matched floor and wall tile:

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There is no other element that gives a bathroom renovation more individuality or style than well designed tile!

Whether you want to match the tiles from top to bottom, or mix and match wall and floor tiles, the bottom line is that tile accent walls are certainly trending in the residential renovation world. In order to get a beautifully designed tiled bathroom, you will need to hire an experienced professional and tile guru that also works closely with interior designers.

If you do not have an interior designer, no worries. The team at Altr Haus has close relationships with some of the top interior designers in the region that consistently work on high profile residential remodel projects.

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