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What Can We Do For Your Commercial Property?

Commercial property renovations involve updating or remodeling a building that accommodates private businesses. Commercial buildings usually contain offices, retail spaces, doctor’s offices, or any other business that needs to buy or rent a space to operate.

The main goal of a commercial renovation project is usually to expand an existing space or increase value and customer experience to boost sales. Commercial renovation projects can be for one floor or office, or the entire building!

There are plenty of reasons for a commercial property renovation or retail space remodeling. You always want to stay with the times and impress your customers, clients, or guests! No matter the décor, the commercial renovation team here at Altr Haus can renovate your space for your business’s unique needs.

One of the most important areas for commercial renovations is the public restroom. A public area like this is an extension of your office space and therefore needs to be kept up to date, clean and sanitized. A way to improve customer satisfaction would be to make sure your bathrooms are always functioning properly, but also have an impressive look that fits the vibe of your commercial property.

Pro-tip: Have us install the newest filters and smart appliances that kill germs and viruses that cause the Flu and COVID-19.

Here are some commercial renovations ideas to consider for the restroom in order to update your space:

Multiple Stalls: It is important to have multiple toilets installed during a commercial remodel or retail building renovation if the space allows it. Visitors like to be in and out of a restroom at a business as quickly as possible, so the more efficient the bathrooms are the better for your customers or clientele. Multiple sinks installed would help this issue as well.

Updated Flooring: During your commercial renovation planning, it is important that you pick a non-slip and/or waterproof material for the floor in a shared bathroom area. Carefully selected and durable materials will be easier to maintain and clean. Avoid any materials that are affected by moisture or corrosion (wood or metal).

There are plenty of materials to choose from for your commercial flooring. The flooring finishes must be sufficiently durable to withstand the anticipated traffic levels of a commercial building, and we can provide you with the best quality options for your commercial renovation project.

Lighting: A well-designed lighting system in a commercial renovation project will save energy/cut down on spend and improve the appearance of the toilet and other appliances. Poorly designed and discolored fixtures make a toilet look dingy and can create the impression that a toilet area is not clean.

The commercial renovation team here at Altr Haus can perform electrical wiring in your commercial building to replace and/relocate light fixtures. We also work closely with interior designers to help you choose the right fixtures and colors for your space.

Pro-tip: Consider natural lighting in your commercial renovation project!

Perhaps the bathroom is only one aspect of your commercial renovation plans. Do you need a bigger office? An updated lobby? The commercial renovation team here at Altr Haus can help!

Check out our gallery. Our established relationships with interior designers and material providers make us the best choice for any project, big or small, when it comes to commercial renovations.

Contact us for a quote and ask about our 3D floor plans!

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