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What Can We Do For Your Residential Remodel?

Each homeowner has a unique style and vision for their residential remodel project. Altr Haus has experience in every aspect of residential remodeling and interior design, from small projects like light fixture replacement to full kitchen renovation.

Being a residential contractor in Atlanta, we are especially familiar with the modern look for interior design (sleek lines, geometric features, etc.). However, the residential remodel team at Altr Haus is experienced with any home style you choose!

If you cannot decide which room to remodel first, keep in mind that the kitchen and the bathroom(s) are the rooms that add the most value to your home.

Want to update your kitchen and/or bathroom(s)? Here are some quick tips from the residential remodel team at Altr Haus:

1. Replace light fixtures- this is one of the easier remodeling projects to consider when deciding on the style of your residential renovation. The team at Altr Haus can help from the beginning stages of measuring your space for a new fixture all the way to the complete installation. We can even perform electrical rewiring so that your new light fixtures can be in the perfect spot for whatever the room commands.

2. Update countertops- whether it is a full kitchen countertop or a bathroom vanity, the residential remodel team at Altr Haus can help. We work exclusively with companies that provide high-end materials including quartz, granite, marble, etc. and our partnerships allow us to provide these high-end materials at a more competitive rate than other residential remodeling companies.

3. Tiling- tiling or retiling your kitchen backsplash or your walk-in shower will automatically update your most valuable rooms of the home. New tile work adds a much-needed freshness that an outdated space craves. The residential remodel team at Altr Haus are tiling gurus! We bring a perfectionist’s attention to detail when it comes to tile work for your residential remodel project.

If your kitchen and bath do not need updating, here are some other unique projects that our residential remodel team can provide!

Before: Completely gutted basement!

After: Beautiful finished basement suite!

Basement Finish- If you have ever wanted to finish your basement and create a functional space out of it, our residential remodeling services can help you achieve a beautifully renovated finished basement! We can completely gut a room and transform it into your dream “man cave”, kid’s playroom, fully functional laundry room, art studio, office, or even a fully equipped basement apartment! With our experience in residential remodeling and interior design, the possibilities are endless.

Hardwood Flooring- A timeless feature in a home, always stylish, and customizable is hardwood flooring. Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices. Other options for hardwood flooring include bamboo, walnut, ash, and mahogany. The residential remodeling team can help you decide on the type of wood as well as the wood floor pattern that would best compliment your space.

Doors & Windows- whether you want to add or simply replace windows or glass panes in your home, Altr Haus residential remodeling services can help! Replacing the panes or adding windows to a room will help with natural light distrubtion and adds an extra layer of décor with window treatment and curtains. We can also add internal doors to your home if you want to create new rooms or reshape an old one!

When it comes to residential remodeling, Altr Haus has you covered from all angles. We work closely with interior designers and material providers to bring your dream home style to life.

Contact us for a free site survey, or to discuss a 3D model of your space!

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